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Painted Worlds is a 3D, melee based, fantasy-action game slice made by a temporary team called Wow Tree. The setting takes place inside Japanese paintings and features third person, top down, side scrolling, and isometric gameplay.


Avery M's role was game and sound design.

He created an original OST that includes atmospheric environment music and dynamic combat music, and a showreel made in Filmora.

The showreel demonstrates the SFX and Music in action. Each track is explained in further detail, giving you the designer's "behind the scenes" insight on the inspirations and moods behind the music, which can all be heard below!

Painted Worlds: News

A Professional Soundscape

Created with Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. The music in Painted Worlds perfectly compliments the environment and mood, bringing it to life. Take a listen below to the OST and experience the musical soundscapes of Painted Worlds.

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