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Space War Battle Cadet : XXL HYPER EDITION V: Videos

​Space War Battle Cadet: XXL HYPER EDITION V is a 3 color-swapping bullet-hell game created by a team including II Tailed Fox. It was made during a 3 day game jam in a 3 person team. Music and SFX were created with Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio, and Avery even created the pixel art and title art himself in Photoshop.

Avery M worked as the game designer, sound designer, and pixel artist. He created the boss design and boss music with an incredibly upbeat Synthwave/Metalcore influenced track that can be heard below. This game served as the prototype to SWBC DX, and can be played in browser on 

PC | Engine: Unity

Space War Battle Cadet : XXL HYPER EDITION V: News
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